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HOA Checking Account Plus

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Why have your homeowners association funds sit idle in a non-interest checking account? Add a little something extra to your community funds every month with our HOA Checking Account Plus. Enjoy the benefits of our simplified checking account designed for HOAs, while boosting your funds with our competitive interest rate. Opening an account online is quick and easy.

Key benefits of this account are:

Make the most of unlimited monthly transactions

Enjoy a highly competitive interest rate

Other Considerations

Account facts

  • Open an account with just $500
  • Competitive interest rate on your funds
  • Get unlimited check writing and unlimited transactions
  • Get peace of mind being FDIC insured

Available Treasury Services

  • Business Online Banking
  • ACH Origination
  • ACH Positive Pay
  • Payee Positive Pay
  • Insurance Cash Sweep

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HOA FinanceHOA Banking 101 - Choosing the Right Account for your HOA

Choosing the right bank accounts for your HOA can be a challenge, so we've put together a guide to help you decide which account is best for your needs.

Why apply online?

Only 8 minutes to complete

Managing HOAs is a time-consuming job, so we’ve made it a little easier to get things done! Applying online is quick and it's available 24/7 - no more waiting for the bank to open.

Sign all your documents online

With digital signatures you can sign account opening forms at a time that suits you -- without having to deal with mountains of paper. For forms that require multiple signers, this means no more running around trying to coordinate busy schedules to find a time to sign.

We're here to answer any questions

You’ll still get all the benefits of our customer service: before your account is officially opened our team will make sure you’re happy to proceed and help you with any questions or concerns you have.

What do I need to apply?

We’ll ask you for:

  • Your HOA name and address
  • Your Property Management Company name and address (if applicable)
  • Names and emails of signers on the account
  • The account or accounts that you want (view accounts here)

For verification purposes (if you don’t have these, you can still complete the form):

  • The EIN number of your HOA
  • The EIN number of your Property Management Company (if applicable)

All the information you enter in the form is kept private and secure, and will only be seen by the bank. The information will solely be used for account opening purposes, you will not receive unwanted advertising or promotional material at the addresses and emails you enter in the form.

This application should take approximately 8 mins

I’m ready! Let’s get started

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Reserve Account / Interest BearingHOA Money Market

Watch your HOA funds grow with a competitive interest rate while still having easy access to it when you need it.

  • Competitive tiered-interest-rates based on deposit amounts
  • No monthly service charges
  • Up to six free withdrawal transactions per month
Reserve Account / Interest BearingCertificate of Deposit for HOAs

Grow your reserves safely by earning a fixed, competitive rate on your funds with an HOA CD from Valley.

  • Guaranteed interest rate
  • Terms to suit your HOA
  • Set it and forget it
Operating Account / Reserve Account / Interest BearingHOA Checking Plus

Our HOA Checking Plus account is exclusive to loyal Valley customers and gives you everything you need from an HOA checking account with the benefit of earning interest.

  • Unlimited monthly transactions
  • Enjoy a highly competitive interest rate

Want to know more? We'd love to hear from you.