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How to Manage and Enforce CCRs and Covenants for your HOA

Enforcing HOA Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs), is arguably a community manager’s most challenging function.  To help you navigate enforcement, we've put together 3 key elements of covenant enforcement to consider.
HOA Management

How to Simplify your HOA Fee Collection Policy

HOA members’ property values are maintained through members monthly, quarterly or annual dues. In this article, we’ll review the basics of collecting HOA assessments, commonly referred to as dues.
HOA Budgeting

10 tips for preparing budgets for HOAs, condos and community associations

Budgeting is extremely important to the success of your homeowners’ association (HOA) and can prevent your community from facing financial troubles in the years ahead. Here are some tips for ensuring that your HOA is proactive, prepared, and properly plans for the future.
HOA Finances

Filing Tax Returns & Preparing Taxes for your HOA

Taxes are a certainty for individuals and corporations - including homeowners’ associations. The good news is that HOAs should pay very little, if any, annual taxes. HOA taxes can be confusing, however, so here are your top 5 HOA tax filing questions answered.
HOA Finance

Financing HOA Projects: When to Borrow & When to Impose a Special Assessment

Even with strong funding, HOAs can face unplanned emergency expenses, not fully covered by insurance. Sometimes HOA boards are faced with tough financial decisions to borrow, special assess the members – or both. We cover key considerations for approaching finance options for your HOA.
HOA Loans

4 types of HOA loans: Explore your options

There are four types of HOA loans available, giving your association the flexibility to choose the type of loan and terms that best meet your needs!